How is this project funded?

Created by Kat Marchán, Modified on Sun, 31 Mar 2024 at 02:52 PM by Kat Marchán

"Sweat equity", mainly: the core devs are currently working without pay in hopes of eventually having a profitable platform that will pay for our work some day. On top of that, business-operating expenses (and there's plenty!) are also being bankrolled out of pocket. This isn't super sustainable, but we think we can hang in there until the company starts making revenue. Cushy tech jobs help a lot with this ?

We also have an OpenCollective, where we manage our company finances transparently, a GitHub Sponsors, and a Patreon, all of which are options for folks interested in throwing in a bit of support.

We are committed to never accepting investor/VC (venture capital) funding, or any other funding that would entail giving even partial control of the company to non-members. There are some financing models that work more like revenue-based loans, which we might explore, but we will always remain committed to strict worker and artist ownership.

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